Key Information

This course runs from 1 - 17 July.

All work must be submitted by 4pm on 17 July.

Module 1 Introduction

  • Where am I? We self-assess our practice using a baseline test, informed by SSE.
  • What is current evidence-based best practice? We explore newly researched theory, we identify and itemise its benefits and its essential qualities.
  • What is classroom management?

Module 2 Classroom Culture

  • What are the features of positive classroom culture?
  • How can we build a positive classroom culture?

Module 3 Routines & Procedures

  • What are the key routines and procedures in place for effective classroom management?
  • Where am I? We self-assess our own routines and procedures.

Module 4 Rewards Consequences

  • What are the benefits of motivation types, rewards and consequences?
  • How can I adapt my practice to introduce appropriate rewards and consequences?

Module 5 Behaviour & Strategies to Support Children

  • What strategies can be used to maintain positive learning behaviours in a classroom?