Introduction to Assessment for Learning (2.5 hours)

“The best AfL leaves no written record whatsoever. It just helps teachers to make smarter decisions”. Dylan Wiliam

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"If formative assessment is presented in an accessible way - as it has been on this course - I believe that more and more teachers will adopt it as a vital part of their practice".
Tim Horgan, Deputy Principal, St Olivers NS, Kerry.

"The emphasis was on the meaningful collection, analysis and purposeful use of information acquired in facilitating appropriately challenging learning experiences for pupils. A good range of practical assessment for learning strategies was provided to support teaching and learning".
DES Inspection Report 2019, AfL DES Summer Course.

This course, which has a longer online version approved and successfully inspected by the Department of Education in 2019, is intended for teachers who want to develop their understanding and practice of Assessment for Learning.

This course would also be useful for principals and other school leaders who are interested in supporting their staff to develop this important part of everyday practice effectively and / or their SSE focus is assessment.

The key questions that will be answered are:

1. What is Assessment for Learning?

2. How can it be used effectively?

3. How can I embed it in my practice efficiently?

This course explores the principles and rationale of AfL, showcases high-impact strategies and shares resources that can be utilised across age ranges the very next day. Components of AfL focused on are success critieria, effective questioning and progress checks. This workshop is delivered in a practical, solution-focused, participant-led manner; and models effective AfL strategies.

Certificates are provided for Croke Park hours.

Please contact [email protected] for group bookings for school staff.

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