2A Fostering Emotional Resilience in the Classroom EPV Summer Course (20 July - 5 August)

Course Dates: 20 July - 5 August (Group 2A)

DES Approved Online Summer Course - 3 EPV Days.

This course runs from 20 July – 5 August.

This EPV course emphasizes that “prevention is better than cure” and that through building emotional resilience and emotional awareness, we can nurture good mental and emotional health in our young people. Through supporting teachers create positive learning environments and hone their skills in this area, we can make a positive impact on student classroom experience and learning outcomes.

The CPD Summer Course aims to lead to better quality teaching and learning, through the establishment of positive classroom environments and supporting teachers and students develop the capacity for emotional and mental fitness and self-care.

This EPV course is delivered in a practical, solution-focused, participant-led manner; and models effective teaching and learning strategies, which can then be used in the classroom.

I enjoyed the course because it highlighted the importance of self-care and resilience for the teacher as well as the child. The positive feedback also encouraged greater confidence among the participants.

Madeline Carey, 2019

Course Curriculum

  Fostering Emotional Resilience & Harmony in the Classroom
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  Module 5 - End of Course Learning Assignment
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