Key Information

Module 1 Introduction

Where am I? We self-assess our practice using a baseline test, informed by SSE.

What is current evidence-based best practice? We explore theory of assessment practices and the value of different methodologies.

Module 2 Learning Objectives & Success Criteria

What are Learning Objectives and Success Criteria?

How can I use them effectively and efficiently?

Module 3 Effective Questioning

How can effective questioning strategies enhance assessment for learning in the classroom?

How can I use them effectively and efficiently?

Module 4 Measuring Progress

How can we measure progress as a deliberate learning activity that demonstrates assessment for learning?

How can I do this effectively and efficiently via self, peer and teacher-led assessment?

Module 5 Embedding Assessment for Learning

How can we embed assessment for learning strategies into everyday practice efficiently and effectively? 

The course aims are as follows:

·      The course aims to identify the benefits of assessment for learning as a teaching and learning methodology and utilise the findings as a means of engaging with this practice.

·      The course aims to lead to better quality teaching and learning, through the establishment of assessment for learning methodologies in the classroom.

·      The course aims to facilitate and support teachers to use SSE to become more reflective practitioners and make informed decisions about their pedagogical approach.

·      The course aims to showcase best practice of a core set of teaching and learning approaches including effective assessment, including utilising ICT effectively; which will revolutionize practice and improve student outcomes.  

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