Key Information

Module 1 Introduction

  • ·        To gain an understanding of psychological theory and how it can influence classroom practice.
  • ·        To assess current practice using Quality Framework of SSE.

Module 2 Positive Learning Environment

  • ·        To acquire the skills to develop a positive learning environment.

Module 3 Resilience & Mindfulness in the Classroom

  • ·        To acquire the skills to enrich the classroom environment with an aim to providing a calm safe space zone for teacher and student.
  • ·        To realise the potential of digital technologies to enhance the learning environment.

Module 4 Challenging Behaviour in the Classroom

  • ·        To acquire the skills to effectively challenge and modify negative behaviours.

Module 5 Self-Care

  • ·        To understand the value of mental health education and self-care for students and teachers.